Trying a Tri

This morning we did something new—a triathlon! It was on our list of things to try this summer, so when we had the opportunity to sign up for a small, local race we jumped on it. Because we don’t have much to compare with, we decided against doing a full recap. Instead, we opted for a quick overview.

Registration: This was completed online and relatively easily. Signing in at the race was also easy. There was a brief meeting before the race began in which we received directions for each of the routes.

Swim: This was in a pool, whew! Violet almost lost her swim cap and needs to practice getting out of pools without using the ladder šŸ˜‰ . Charcoal was on her toes and enjoyed the swim.

Transition 1: Charcoal was crafty and ready to go with her shorts already on for the swim. Violet wasn’t that prepared and added a few minutes in the transition in order to wrangle some bike shorts.

Bike: This went smoothly. We didn’t get lost or have any accidents or flat tires. The traffic was manageable and the course was pretty well marked (even though we remembered most of the route from the meeting earlier in the day).

Transition 2: This was easy–just put our bikes back on the rack and changed headwear.

Run: This also went smoothly. The course was well-marked, although we remembered this well, too.

Finish: The finish line was casual, but still had some spectators and course support on hand.


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