Run Recap: The Big Run

On Wednesday, June 7, Violet did The Big Run, hosted by Buffalo’s Fleet Feet (Charcoal had to work late that night. Boo!). The recap is included below!

Registration Cost: This run cost $10, so it was quite affordable. Nice for a mid-week run!

Packet Pick-Up: The run was held in Buffalo’s outer harbor area. Parking can be a bit tricky, so by the time I got there (rush-hour traffic can also be a bit tricky!) and parked, I was jogging up to the check-in tent to get signed in before the run. I got there with a tiny amount of time to spare and got my wristband without any problems.

Pre-Race: I’ll admit that I was late on registering for this–deciding whether I wanted to go by myself (yes, but it would’ve been more fun with a driving/running buddy!), especially after the marathon was a tough call. As it turned out, I decided to go because who doesn’t want to run on Global Running Day? So since I had no reason not to, I went ahead and signed up. That said, I didn’t get any info about it until the day before. I’m not sure if this is because I was slow on registering or if the info didn’t come until then!

Course: The run started at Wilkeson Pointe and went around the Independent Health trail. It was a lovely run with one water stop at the turn-around.

Finish Line: Getting to the finish line was a little confusing–we had to go an extra loop around a circle to finish, rather than getting to go straight there (that’s what it looked like we should do!). That said, there were lots of people around who were also cheering at the end so that was fun.

Post-Race: There was water by the finish line and a line to get the event shirt and (giant!) medal. The concessions stand had some specials for people with the event wristband, with bottled water for $2 and pizza for $3. I didn’t pay attention to the other prices, but I think beer was $5 and soda $3-ish? Fleet Feet also had a special going where if you went in the store with your medal by the end of the week (Saturday’s the last day), you could get 25% off Brooks apparel.

Weather: It was sunny and in the 70s, I think. Great evening for a run–especially by the water!

Apparel: I wore shorts and a tech t-shirt from a previous race. I also had my Roo Sports pocket for cash and keys. For my feet, I had Darn Tough socks and Saucony Guide 9 shoes (I had trouble deciding what to wear for shoes, but had to say when I registered because the form asked for that info… so I went with my trusty Guides!).


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