Race Re-Cap: Skunk Cabbage Classic

On Sunday, April 9, we ran in our first race of 2017–the Skunk Cabbage Classic Half-Marathon. It was a fun day and a good start to our running season. Our general re-cap is summarized below.

Registration Cost: This race was affordable–the cost of registration was about $20 and the optional shirt was $15. There was a discount for members of the Finger Lakes Runners Club, which about evened out the online processing cost.

Packet Pick-Up: We picked up our bibs and t-shirts from the Finger Lakes Running Company store on the day before the race. We were able to pick up our bibs easily and without waiting in line. As a pro and a con, because this is an eco-friendly area, they didn’t have bags for the packets.

Pre-Race: We received one email from the race director with info about the packet pick-up and some logistics for parking. When we got there in the morning, parking was quick and easy in a nearby lot. There were bathrooms available in a building that was close by. We did think it was a little confusing to tell where the half marathon and 10K starting lines were.

Course: This race starts and finishes on the Cornell University campus, which means it definitely has some hills. Most of the running was done on the road, although not all roads were closed to traffic. The course was hilly, but scenic and included about five water stops. We both carried water and were glad we did! As far as fuel goes, Violet carried one pack of pink lemonade Honey Stinger gummies. Charcoal had a pack of pink lemonade Honey Stinger gummies and a chocolate coconut GU gel (Violet had one of these, too, prior to starting the race).

Along the way, it looked like there were two porta-potties near the 2-mile mark and again 11- on the turn-around. (That may not have been enough because we saw a handful of participants using the woods and side of the road…) As a final note, we didn’t smell a lot of the skunk cabbage!

Finish Line: The finish line was on a downhill and had an announcer there. Water and medals were given out right after crossing the line. The medals were nice and they had enough for all participants although it had been advertised that there would only be medals for the first 625 to cross the finish line.

Post-Race: The refreshments provided after this race included Gimme! coffee, Cayuga Creamery chocolate milk, Ithaca Milk Yogurt, bagels, bananas, cookies, and apples. There was also peanut butter, cream cheese, and honey for the bagels. We liked everything we sampled. All of the post-race festivities were housed inside Barton Hall.

Weather: It was sunny and about 60F. There was still some snow on the ground in a shady area, which was fun to see (Violet enjoyed this, but Charcoal missed it!).

Apparel: Deciding what to wear was a challenge–it was cool, but warm enough that we weren’t sure what would be most comfortable. It ended up that we both wore C9 capris from Target. Violet went with a tank top, 1/4-zip shirt, injinji 2.0 women’s toe socks, and Saucony Guide 9 shoes. Charcoal opted for a technical t-shirt from a previous race, a vest, nondescript socks, and Saucony iSO Triumph 2 shoes.


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